Squatter® Classic

Squatter® CLASSIC is the original Squatter® board game that has been loved by players of all ages since 1962.

Squatter® Compact

Squatter® COMPACT is everything players love about the Classic game but comes in a smaller package and is perfect for 2-4 players.

Squatter® Holden

Squatter® HOLDEN 70th Anniversary Edition is a special edition produced to celebrate 70 years of the iconic Australian Holden Ute!

Brrroom Bathurst 1000

Climb behind the wheel of your Supercars racing car, in the famous Bathurst 1000 endurance race.

Stockeer Mates

Stockeer Mates is a stimulating card game for 2-4 players, based on our famous game, Squatter.

Squatter® is Perfect for Players of all Ages

Squatter® provides the ideal family entertainment with up to 6 players and a wide range of ages (ages 10 to adult)

Much more than fabulous fun, a game of Squatter® is highly educational and entertaining for players of all ages.

Learn about sheep farming, the wool industry, business management and much more during a game of Squatter®

Chat and laugh with friends and family while you discover the challenges of Squatter® and running a business.

The favourite Australian game since 1962.

Squatter® is a fun board game about Australian sheep farming for 2-6 players.

This highly entertaining game is suitable for players age 10 to adult.

Squatter® is a simulation game based on real-life farming and is a mix of luck and strategy.

Farmers face many disasters such as drought, bushfires and floods.

Nevertheless, prudent farmers develop a good strategy to protect their farming business.

Skilled players provide adequate fire fighting equipment and sufficient hay.

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