Brrroom Bathurst 1000

Climb behind the wheel of your Supercars racing car, in the famous Bathurst 1000 endurance race.

Our all-new Brrroom Bathurst 1000 board game celebrates 60 years of motor racing at Mt Panorama. Optimise your Brakes, Fuel, and Pit Stops. Outwit your opponents. Win this famous race!

Bathurst 1000 is all about ENDURANCE. To win you will need more than a fast car and a fast pit crew. You must manage fuel, brakes, pit stops and much more.

What will your strategy be? Go hard to get in front? Or conserve your fuel and brakes to last the distance?

One THOUSAND kilometers; 161 laps, battled over 6 hours on the most challenging race track in the world. Twenty-three treacherous bends, a steep climb and then over the top into The Esses and down Conrod Straight at more than 300 kph.

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