Squatter® CLASSIC Board Game

Squatter® is the original Australian farming game which was first released in 1962!

Squatter® gives 2 to 6 players, aged 10 to adult, the opportunity to win at the business of running their own sheep station and is rich in history, Australian culture, our way of life, our poetry and much more.

Squatter® enriches everyone who plays it.

Squatter® CLASSIC has been entertaining families since 1962 and loved by many millions of Australians.

Squatter® is an authentic Australian classic and the ultimate family game — highly educational, fun and entertaining.

Squatter® is a simulation game which is based on real-life sheep farming. Prudent players employ good strategies and careful management to reduce risks and achieve optimum results.

Squatter® CLASSIC makes it easy to enjoy all the challenges of running a sheep station at locations near and far!

Order the Squatter® CLASSIC board game to have it at home, in the caravan, at the holiday house or for an ideal life-long present!