Squatter® CLASSIC Board Game


Squatter® CLASSIC Board Game

Squatter® is the original Australian farming game! Squatter® gives 2 to 6 players, aged 10 to adult, the opportunity to win at the business of running their own sheep station and is rich in history, Australian culture, our way of life, our poetry and much more. Squatter® enriches everyone who plays it.

Entertaining families for nearly 60 years and loved by many millions of Australians, Squatter® is an authentic Australian classic and the ultimate family game — highly educational, fun and entertaining.

Order Squatter® to have it at home, in the caravan, at the holiday house or for an ideal life-long present.


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  1. Sally

    A friend introduced me to Squatter only recently. And I just HAD to have my own copy to share with others. What a great game! Also true to farming life and the ups and downs that the weather and parasites actually cause. Love it!

  2. Stephen Fay

    We were given Squatter for Christmas in 1973 and it provided us with hours of entertainment during the Brisbane floods of 1974. We would play our own simplified version then as teenagers we followed the proper method. I’m now 57 and each school holidays I get together with 2 friends and their daughter for dinner & a Squatter challenge. What we love is that we play against the government & the bank rather than each other.

    • Richard

      What a great Squatter story, spanning nearly 50 years and at least 2 generations!

  3. Fiona G

    Loved playing it for the first time with my husband and 4 teenagers. We are big board game peoples. This one is a favourite as my kids learn about the ups and downs of farm life. Not just buying up real estate and going around and around until the money runs out.
    Loved joking the Squatter club and receiving a personal note & certificate. Made my day. 🙂
    Looking forward to playing my 2021 Christmas present- the Holden version of Squatter. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    • Richard

      That’s great Fiona. Thanks for your feedback. 4 teenagers can spread the fun of Squatter far and wide.

  4. Irene

    Love it!! Such a great Aussie game. We also gifted it to friends overseas and they love it as well! Even our sheep farmer friend loves it. Maybe because in the game, he was actually making money for a change!

    • Richard

      LOL Yes are farmers have had a pretty rough trot and yet as a nation we depend on them so much.

  5. Trent

    We have had some ding-dong battles over the school holidays. Great to relive our youth, the kids love it.

    • Richard

      I’m glad the kids love it. But I’m trying to imagine what a ding dong Squatter battle might look like. Do you knock over each other’s sheep when you roll the dice? Or stack the Tucker Bag deck?
      We had a house rule, if you knock sheep over with dice – pay the owner $10 per knocked pen.

  6. Ingrid Piper

    We played this game as a family for years while I was growing up. I couldn’t wait to buy it a few years ago (not sure what happened to the original) to share with my husband. We’ve played it endlessly and just LOVE it!

  7. Rugbymum

    Love this game, had it growing up and was so excited when I found it online to purchase for our kids. Literally, playing for sheepstations – so cool.

  8. Nic

    We grew up playing Squatter, it was a more interesting play than the standard board games our favourite pick. Definitely a must for all Aussies and those wanting to have an Aussie experience.

  9. Amanda Whitman

    Absolutely love this Australian game… It has been the best game I have ever played. I have grown up with it and now my kids play it… Thank you for such an amazing game…

    • Richard

      I love it when parents share the fun of Squatter with their kids.

  10. Rachel

    This is a game that me and my family have loved for year. As a family who grew up through sheep and cattle, this is a fantastic and fun game that truly shows the complexity of playing for sheep stations.

  11. Acacia Hayes

    Monopoly Aussie style! Love this game, have played since I was a kid. We enjoy introducing new people to the game, it’s always a great night.

  12. Shannon Mclean

    Dad had this as a kid was great to buy it and relive it with him

  13. Bronwyn

    I am so glad that this great game is available again. It’s much more a game for the whole family than its main competition. It’s faster-moving and more genuinely entertaining and interesting – and fortunes can change quickly. It’s good family fun.
    My Dad gave me the game in 1963 when I was eight. I was so proud because the label said ’10 years and older’; it wasn’t until decades later that I realised that my board-game-loving Dad would not have been able to wait until I was ten to purchase it!
    Long may the game survive.

  14. Nick Keen

    We use to play Squatter as kids, finding the battered old box and rummaging around in the draw to find the missing sheep and dice. All the heartbreak and misery of working the land without the flies or having to own an actual property. My own kids are familiar with the other ubiquitous property purchasing board game so this is a great change up that they can both love and hate. Great way to find out which of your offspring will dump you in a home and fleece you in your infirmity too.

  15. Ian

    As kids, we played Monopoly and Squatter on a regular basis. I fondly remember Squatter was my favourite game. Now in my 60’s I acquired a new Squatter game as soon as it was re released and enjoyed it just as much, if not a little more than when I was a kid. My friends enjoy playing it and one actually went out and purchased their own copy. This game requires some thought and strategy as well as luck. This is another of those games that can played from young to old and bring a lot of pleasure.

  16. Stuart Kerr

    I was introduced to Squatter as a child, 30+ years ago. I had fond memories of this tactical, but fun farming game and wanted to recreate those moments with my own children. It is now a family favourite of ours and high on the board game rotation list! The game is fast paced, engaging and introduces the kids to great concepts such as agricultural issues and farming budgets not to mention developing maths skills through use of ready rekoning tables, etc. Highly recommended.

  17. Leonie

    Great game, reminds me of nice times as a kid playing Squatter whilst it pours rain outside. Nice to have a coo action to the agricultural economy of Australia rather then buying property in Mayfair!!

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