Squatter® Holden 70th Anniversary Edition

Squatter® Holden 70th Anniversary Edition is a special edition produced to celebrate 70 years of the iconic Australian Holden Ute!

Live the life of a hard-working Squatter and win at the business of running a sheep station.

Squatter® — Australia’s Classic Farming Game has teamed up with Holden in this special edition that celebrates a life on the land and Holden’s involvement in everyday farm life for the last 70 years.

For 70 years the legendary Australia Holden Ute has prevailed as an enduring symbol of hard work and a laid-back lifestyle, regarded by many as a definition of the essential Australian’.

Good looking, yet rugged, versatile and durable, the Holden Ute was a workhorse that evolved into a thoroughbred; a hard-worker, with a laid-back attitude — a symbol of the Australian way of life.

In 1951, the first ever Holden Ute rolled off the production line, giving birth to an icon that spans multiple generations and has ingrained itself into our culture.

From the much-loved FJ Holden Ute, to the final VFII, every model went on to make its own colourful and character-filled contribution to the legend that is the Holden Ute. After 70 years of evolution, the Holden Ute will forever remain linked to its heritage by the lion emblem it proudly displays.

Using these iconic Holden Utes through history, do you have what it takes to run a sheep station or two? Win your way through drought, flood, disease and low prices to become the winner — the wealthy squatter. A game of strategy, skill and chance, just like real livestock farming. Invest in stock, manage your station well and then watch the money come in.

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up, throw some hay bales in the back of the ute, trade your way to a successful sheep station and enjoy many rounds of the board with Holden and Squatter®.