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The Origin of Lachlan Lad

Lachlan Lad Stud Ram

The Origin of “Lachlan Lad”


The Names of the Stud Rams are all significant. Lachlan Lad is named after the Lachlan River (NSW), which is mentioned in the poem, “Clancy of the Overflow” by Banjo Paterson. The Lachlan River is the 4th longest river in Australia (1,440 km) and rises (starts) in the Great dividing range, near Yass and flows inland into the Murrumbidgee near Oxley. The Lachlan is an intermittent river, which means it ceases flowing at least twice every five years. This river was named after Governor Lachlan Macquarie. The Murray (2,508 km), Murrumbidgee (1,600) and Darling (1,472 km) rivers are longer than the Lachlan.