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Trivia – Coorumbene Station

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Trivia – Coorumbene Station

In the Squatter prototype, one of the stations was named to honour Bob Lloyd’s wife, Pat. It was was called “Lady Patricia Station”. The publishers felt this was not “in keeping” with the “outback theme” and without consultation re-named it “Birronga Downs”. However, in the next edition, this Station name was changed to “Coorumbene”.

“Coorumbene” was the name of the property selected [more about selectors] in the Loch (VIC) District by Miles McCabe in circa 1870 and was where Pat Lloyd (nee McCabe) grew up. “Coorumbene” is the only real-life name used in Squatter (and although there are some properties that bear the same names as the Squatter sheep stations, this is quite coincidental).

The Coorumbene property was divided up in 1950 into 3 “Soldier Settlements” but these have in recent years, been amalgamated into the original farm. 

The woolmark used on the bale of wool on the “Wool Sale”, square is the woolmark that was used by Coorumbene. “CMBE”, being the abbreviation for Coorumbene and “LA” being Victorian Railway’s designator for Loch Railway Station.