How to Setup

How to Setup

Follow these steps to set up the board and each player.

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Each player selects one of the six sheep stations.A sheep station is a large sheep grazing property. In the game Squatter, the six stations are Coorumbene, Wanbanalong, Emu Plains, Mt Mitchell, Warramboo, Coolibah Creek

Place a total of 15 sheep tokens on each station.Each sheep token represents a pen of 200 sheep. At start of play each station is stocked with 15 sheep tokens which represents 3,000 (15 x 200) sheep.

Put 3 pens in each of the orange spaces. These spaces represent natural pasture. Each sheep station has five natural pastures.Orange spaces represent natural, unimproved pasture. Natural pasture consists of native grasses and herbage.

Locate the Fire Fighting Equipment Tucker Bag card. Shuffle the rest of the Tucker Bag cards and place them face down in the centre section of the playing board. Make sure the Fire Fighting Equipment card is on the top of the stack.

Shuffle the Stock Sale cards and place them face down in the centre section of the playing board.

Each player starts with $2,000.(For a much faster moving game you can choose to begin each player with $6,000).

Choose a playing token for each player and place it on the Wool Sale (starting) square.

You are now ready to play the game and have some fun.

Remember if you want to improve your pasture you must do so just before you roll the dice.